Drug Emporium in Tyler TX

Drug Emporium

Drug Emporium is a small scale pharmacy as well as a health food store at 5614 S. Broadway in the same shopping center as Best Buy. Drug Emporium is much larger than other pharmacies, while stores like CVS or Walgreens are typically small and fairly minimal Drug Emporium has expanded their area as well as the categories in their inventory far beyond what an average pharmacy.

But while Drug Emporium may be much larger than the pharmacies it is competing with it’s size and function as a grocer also bring it into direct competition with full scale grocery stores, most of which are pharmacies also. The health food aspect of the store is a strong advantage to shopping at Drug Emporium for many people, not only are there unique types of food available at Drug Emporium but also such items as protein supplements for body building.

In the middle of the health food section of Drug Emporium there’s a dedicated glass display case for many different serious looking pills for body building and nutrition supplementation that will be happily opened by the employees if needed.

Drug Emporium curiously uses more of it’s space for non food related items, the kind and quality ¬†of things that would occupy the space of any other small convenience or general store but greatly expanded on to the point of filling the majority of the many aisles with spanning sections of cheaply and foreign made products. A great concentration is made in the various hygiene products and accessories, with entire walls of hair gel and deodorant in numbers that crush the stock of food in the store.

However, Drug Emporium is very special when it comes to products they provide, while in theory they may seem like any other grocery or drug store to those who care for alternative natural products Drug Emporium remains one of the only places that brings together these healthy options through the overlapping of their categories of general store products and health store products.

When you enter the Drug Emporium as you make your way through the store you are led right past the aisles of the health section marked by wooden signs with small red apples adorn the paths of health products both of food as well as vitamins and toiletries from such companies as Burt’s Bees who make their products with all natural ingredients so harmless you can even eat them, not that it would taste very good.

Drug Emporium knows that it’s very important what one chooses to put in their body and has been there for those who want nothing more than a convenient single location for healthy food as well as all other concerns of health such as prescriptions or face wash or deodorant that doesn’t have dangerous and unnatural chemicals in it.

While Drug Emporium does carry common food as well, it is more of a supplement to what isn’t covered by health food but is still in high demand from customers like tv dinners, ice cream or cereals composed practically of all sugar.

While the right side of the store houses the health section the rest of the store excluding the pharmacy and maybe the makeup and toiletry sections is negligible due to the fact that you can purchase the other products basically anywhere else since they are of extremely average quality and usually only carried as a contingency for the occasional opportunistic shopper who might need a folding cloth camping chair or maybe a few pairs of flip flops or out of season snow globes.

Entirely too much of the Drug Emporium inventory is comprised of this type of ultra cheap gas station novelty merchandise that apparently has people coming back for more judging from the ample supply of these sundries, either that or these items have simply been there for the many years Drug Emporium has been in business slowly diminishing as the spontaneous and quirky buy this future flea market stock.

The makeup section takes up nearly the entire left side of the store and although Drug Emporium is next door to a beauty store makeup is a commodity almost as routinely demanded as food and there is no end for peoples love of cheap makeup. In fact there’s no end for peoples love of thrift, and Drug Emporium can be a very thrifty place to shop and is a great alternative to Walmart for many people who can find almost all of their shopping needs here.

Drug Emporium has long been an asset to Tyler through it’s healthy and cheap products striving on wards with the many other central locations and carrying on the Drug Emporium name after the company took a turn for the worst leaving only a few stores with our Tyler location proudly carrying on the legacy of an emporium of drugs while adding the specialty of a large health product inventory.

This unique business is not only yet another ever welcomed pharmacy but also the neighborhood health supply stop for food. Drug Emporium has empowered local residents to heal themselves through all of the natural products and enriching vitamins and minerals in all of the forms available there.

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