Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill is a Mongolian stir fry restaurant located at 3709 Troup Highway. This restaurant is very unique, with a Mongolian stir fry theme it makes an equally unique impression with the method of service and selection. Genghis Grill operates by allowing the customers full, hands on control of their meal through the make it yourself approach the possibly intimidating unfamiliarity with such a foreign dish is quelled with an inventive approach to ordering.

If you like Genghis Grill also try Julian’s Asian Diner

While the ability to simply choose your dish and leave the decision making to the menu hasn’t gone anywhere the option to build your bowl of stir fry as you go is just as simple but with plenty of people to help if needed. The ingredients are all laid out with almost every vegetable imaginable as well as tofu and assortments of meat the customer fills their own bowl to the brim with any ratio of food their heart might desire.

There are cards with the optional Genghis bowls on them that you could even use as a guide if you don’t know where to begin. After piling on your food add one of the many sauces available to define your stir fry concoction and bring it to the cooks. The atmosphere at Genghis Grill is an exciting one, with the cooks using a traditional form of Mongolian fry cooking several people work on a large round metal surface while they rapidly fry up your meal in a flurry of chops and flips they cook each bowl evenly and quickly with another bowl being fried on each side.

While the cooking is in progress keep your eye out, the occasional fire ball is known to be thrown from the vast round skillet searing the stir fry perfectly with Mongolian technique. When the cooking is finished and the orders are sautéd the traditional Mongolian gong is rung alerting customers as Genghis would have alerted his soldiers to the meal that awaits them. Genghis Grill has a unique and liberating concept that gives the customer a hands on approach to their food. Genghis Grill is not only a grill but as with most restaurants in Tyler a bar as well and that means not only can you eat food like a Mongolian soldier but you can drink like a Mongolian soldier as well.

There’s no experience quite like it in Tyler, with an original concept and an original style of food for East Texas it might be many peoples new favorite. Speaking of originality Genghis Grill goes even farther in its different advantages by sponsoring a health quest as a testament to the value of their healthy food. Eating from Genghis Grills health menu for ninety days has helped Brandon Sanders lose sixty pounds and become this years winner in Genghis Grills health challenge. So if stir fry is your thing than Genghis Grill is the place for you.

How to get AC Repair in Tyler TX Done Right

Aire Serv of Smith County

Phone: (903) 592-7773

There are hodge podge ways to get your ac repaired in Tyler and then the right way. Make sure the AC contractor has a plan when installing your new AC system and is not just going to go into your attic, throw in a few flex ducts and bring them down and bend them at a 90 degree angle with little room to spare.

You see an AC contractor should be willing to do whatever it takes to install an AC system correctly no matter the type of house you have.

If you have a home with a low roof angle and small attic the AC installer may not want to fool with the hassle of getting the system installed in the attic but may prefer to fit it in a tight space in a closet. Sometimes a closet is the best place for your unit but this isn’t always the case.

No expert goes into a job without making a complete and thorough plan before ever beginning the project. All of the successful things I have done in business started out by knowing from start to finish what I would need to do to make the kind of money I was planning to make.

If your AC cooling system is on the fritz be sure to call a professional AC contractor like Smith County Aire Serv. These guys do an excellent job in both AC repair and new installations of home cooling systems. They have plan and they know how to effectively apply their skills no matter the type of job.

Aire Serv of Smith County

Phone: (903) 592-7773Fax: (903) 595-2640
2221 Wsw 323 Loop Ste 103A, Tyler, TX 75701-0493

Patent Law or 18 Wheeler Accidents

It is becoming more and more common these days and people don’t like it. It used to be that professional athletes were faithful to just one team for a number of years. It’s understandable that in today’s free agent market athletes move from one team to another more frequently. But it used to be that you would never, ever, EVER choose to join a team that was in the division or a rival of your former team.

And, now, that is out the window. Can you imagine, Bill Russell playing for the Lakers? Or how about the Babe returning to the Sox? Never! But now we have Bret Favre in Minnesota and Lebron James sipping fruity drinks in the sun of Miami Beach. It would seem that in this day and age loyalty doesn’t mean much. Although it might be a stretch in comparison, East Texas has seen its share of changing teams when it comes to their lawyers trying to keep up with the times.

Those who keep an attentive ear to what is happening in the business and legal world knows that the eastern court district of Texas has a reputation for being kind to plaintiffs in patent infringement cases. But it wasn’t always like that. Before, personal injury lawsuits used to be the tune that everybody danced to.

And during that time if you wanted to be in the law business, then you got into personal injury. Oh how times have changed. The good ol’ boys of East Texas have changed teams and have read up on their patent litigation. Well, whatever the case might be, these guys have shown that they are up on the times and know that wherever the money, they should follow.

AC Repair in Tyler TX

Maddox AC Repair Company in Tyler TX
When your AC goes out you just hope it’s not the compressor because at that point you will spend about the same on repairs as you would a new air conditioning unit.

It helps if you have a scheduled ac service company come out every 6 months or so to do standard maintenance on your air conditioner and heating systems.

In the summer is when many people start to see just how capable their old AC unit is to cool their house.

This summer they are calling the type of summer heat we are experiencing the “heat dome” as it is like a consistent dome over most of the country and has given Texas one of the worst droughts on record.

It is important to do some easy house retrofits to save on Tyler Texas air conditioning costs. Many of the local East Texas AC repair companies can do these retrofits and sometimes because of government subsidies they can be done for free.

When you call on your AC repair company to come out to service your air conditioner this summer ask about what they can do to make your house more energy efficient.

A simple weather stripping installation and replacement of old stripping on doors and windows can do a lot to increase the efficiency of an air conditioning unit.

Have your AC repair company check out your ducts in the attic and make sure they have been sealed with mastic paint and have insulation covering all of them.

Finally make sure your attic is sufficiently insulated. These days your can hire a home insulation company to install insulation cheaper than you could buy it and do it yourself.

New Tyler TX Gym facility now open


In case you didn’t know yet the old Skateplex building has been turned into a state of the art 42,000 sq. ft. fitness gym.

The Tyler gym is called Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports and is owned by a popular personal trainer in Tyler TX named Tony Cruz.

Tony Cruz offers just about every possible amenity you can think of in this facility. There are free weights, row machines, spin classes, indoor running track, spacious locker rooms, sauna, and much more.

If you need personal training they have plenty of professionals on staff to assist in getting you to your fitness goals.

XTC also has several group training classes like the Kickboxing class and the popular Yoga classes.

If you walk in to the gym on certain days you can find Tony Cruz personally leading the spin classes. It looks like a hard work out but it probably sheds the pounds pretty quick as well.

It helps to have a group trainer simply because it offers a quick way to get you in gear in a new routine that you may find hard to do on your own.

I enjoy the daily kickboxing classes at XTC Fitness and typically go to the noon class so I can fit it in during my work day.

I highly recommend you check out the new 42,000 sq. ft. fitness gym, it is really a site to behold.

Ask for a tour of the place and get their group training class schedule while your there.


7924 S. Broadway Ste. 800

Tyler, TX 75703
Telephone:  1-903-509-4269

Breakers Seafood Restaurant in Tyler TX

Breakers in Tyler TX

Breakers is an interesting bar and seafood restaurant and bar located at 5106 Old Bullard Road past Time Square. Breakers is an exceptional business for many reasons, not only is it one of Tyler’s few valuable independently owned local restaurants it is also is home to a fantastic bar. Breakers is the west coast come to East Texas, with authentic California style seafood and an equally authentic boardwalk style atmosphere.

Everything from the food, the decoration, even down to the idea has been imported from the California coast to Tyler Texas. Breakers gives Tyler’s landlocked community a chance to experience something new through first hand west coast experience they provide food and surroundings dedicated to the flavor and lifestyle of the coast. This little surf shack themed restaurant is miles beyond any commercial themed business, with a touch of realism and authenticity only a personal owner can deliver.

The full service bar is a casual and relaxing location to have a drink at any time with a friendly staff and welcoming group of regulars it the atmosphere makes it easy to let go and get a beer or cocktail while you can almost hear the ocean in the background. But if you go for the food and not so much the drinks than why not stop by the oyster bar for a selection of different imported specialty oysters on the half shell or cooked with a new shipment arriving from around the world every Thursday.

Breakers has even claimed to have a world famous ceviche for the avid seafood eaters or any southerners who want to try something new from the coast. In accordance with restaurants on the coast Breakers strives for freshness in its seafood not only with the oysters but with live main lobsters available as well. The entrees are excellent with selections such as the traditional mexican dish of Seafood Paella meeting East Texas halfway with a cultural similarity. Try the Snow Crab or if shell fish doesn’t suit you the Atlantic Salmon grilled or broiled with rich lemon caper butter and served with golden potatoes.

Even if seafood isn’t your thing Breakers can still more than satisfy your taste with traditional options like their angus burger or angus steak while never thinking to sacrifice the quality that characterizes this restaurants food. Breakers stays lively with entertainment in house every saturday from various local musicians such as Linda Heatley and Grant Massley as well as special events such as the Breakers two year anniversary party June 15th with a live music performance by Twisted Rhythm.

Although if your sensitive to sound you might not want to come to Breakers on Saturdays since the music can actually get rather loud for most people who might want to exchange conversation while in the building. But if you do want to enjoy the beautiful day there’s an outdoor patio area where you can sit and enjoy the breeze and the sun with your food or drink and imagine you’re right on the beach grabbing some refreshment.

Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival in Tyler TX
Shoe Carnival is a retailer of footwear for men, women, children and athletes which is located in the shopping center in between Best Buy and Lowe’s on S. Broadway in Tyler. Shoe Carnival is an anomaly of the retail shoe business were as opposed to the approach of every other business out there Shoe Carnival offers discounts and specials not only through a simple labels, Shoe Carnival has done its patrons the favor of changing the shopping process by announcing their discounts and specials as limited time promotions over the stores P.A. system in an apparent effort to get customers so caught up in the fun of listening to a garbled price announcement that they become frenzied with shoe lust and are blinded by the illusion of savvy shoe deals.

If Shoe Carnival was an actual carnival it would be the type of place that although costing less than the average carnival also contains much less, as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ and it’s just as true for shoes as it is for carnivals. Shoe Carnival is well known for their focus on discounts, sales, and specials of all kinds, utilizing the powerful motivating force that temporary price drops have on those looking for the best deal above all. The business model of Shoe Carnival relies heavily on creating an advantage in the price of their shoes by basically having more sales, coupons and the like than customers know what to do with.

By not allowing the discounts to be compiled they are able to go wild changing virtually every price in the store in some way to the point that the sales and specials are ubiquitously spread throughout almost the entire inventory of shoes. If a customer wanted they could probably find some kind of coupon or sale for any shoe in the store, the trick would only be compiling the many separate sources of sale information, from emails to newspaper coupons to broad store specials down to the classic in store announcement only available to the people in the store right then.

With such a flurry of alterations and possibilities available to customers Shoe Carnival certainly does appear to be an advantageous place to shop for shoes, however one might soon discover that although the prices are marked down they are ultimately strategic, averaging out to be standard. The shoes at Shoe Carnival may be cheap they are also cheaply made. When a store gives massive amounts of discounts and sales it is not to say they’re completely worthless, a tight budget could absolutely make use of some of these specials, however the usefulness of these specials shouldn’t be expected to meet the number of them. The many different possibilities of specials at Shoe Carnival are not always very useful, but if you know what to look for you can certainly take advantage of them.

XTC Fitness and Sports Preview Party June 24th with Ticket

Stop by XTC Fitness and Sports for a free ticket to their preview party at 7 pm June 24th.

They are in the location next to The Diner on Broadway while their facility behind them is being built.

Meet the staff, personal trainers, Tony Cruz and others as you get a sneak peak at what the new fitness facility in Tyler TX will offer.

I do their kickboxing group class and am getting into the best shape of my life.

I highly recommend this Tyler TX Gym. Go by and check it out!

XTC Fitness and Sports Google Places Map

Sears in Tyler

Sears in Tyler TX

The Sears in Tyler is located in the mall on S. Broadway where it has provided Tyler shoppers with a convenient department store for years. Sears has made life easier for Tyler residents through it’s location in the very same building so much other shopping is done. People needn’t get back in their cars to find a new stove or TV when they can simply walk to Sears from their favorite mall shop.

But really, who’s going to mind driving a few miles to find a better price when buying something as expensive as an appliance or new television? But, in fact, Sears is for the most part no more expensive than competitors such as Best Buy, which does seem to be Tyler’s most popular choice for buying anything. Sears has never regained the popularity it held in the fifties back when catalogue shopping was all the rage Sears was the biggest retailer in the world, from the humble beginnings of its mail order catalogue.

Tyler TX Coupons

As every one knows, catalogue shopping died with the birth of the internet and even though Sears was distraught over losing the cause of their success there’s definitely hope for the future of Sears in their new website. Not many business’ have a truly impressive website, while some do manage to make their website appear professional it’s incredibly rare to have a website for a retailer that is not only an online store, but is also a legitimately helpful resource for its own customers.

Sears online provides its customers with a wonderful feature called Manage my life which is truly an innovation in customer service. Sears’ Manage my life feature does everything it possibly can to make your life easier. First off there’s the power of the List feature that allows you to create an interactive socially networked to do list for your projects that updates other people in the community as you update your list giving anyone the opportunity to help anyone else while keeping your own activities organized.

Manage My Life also has an entire database of Owners Manuals for all your Sears bought products old or new, which for many people is a life saver.  The Ideas & know how section of Manage my life is packed full of DIY tips, product reviews and even health tips for things such as how to stay safe exercising in the humid Tyler heat.

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of Manage my life is the Answers section which allows you to ask questions of Sears experts, in this day and age where customer service is considered mostly a horrific nightmare, to have this option on their website shows an incredible and unique amount of consideration by Sears for their customers. Sears may be a little smaller than other department stores but they have gone above and beyond in at least one area, showing the kind of progressiveness that built their success in the beginning.

Marble Slab Icecream

Icecream at Marble Slab
The Marble Slab in Tyler is located at 4915 S. Broadway next door to Jason’s Deli. Marble Slab is a wonderful ice cream parlor or treatery as some would say which, in 1983, began not too far away in Houston with two professional chefs by the names of Penn and LaPage who where destined to apply their chef mastery to the humble dessert and to create a product with care and craft it into something above average. Inspired by another the two chefs started mixing ingredients directly into the ice-cream through kneading it with tools.

After exploring the method of mixing toppings into the ice-cream Penn and LaPage demonstrated their chefly insight through the application of the first ever frozen granite stone to the process of ice-cream mixing. This frozen stone which is now where the store gets its name became the foundation not only for better ice-cream preparation but for the high standard of quality that Marble Slab sought.

Marble Slab Tyler on Facebook

Although the store has changed ownership long since 83′ it’s franchising has not interfered with the insistence on the exceptional quality of their ice-cream which is made right in the store, to the fresh fruit and top notch ingredients to mix in, even the waffle cones are baked right on sight, filling the store with an almost overwhelmingly pleasing smell, in my opinion, hands down one of the best aroma’s out there.

The Waffle cones at Marble Slab also have a powerful advantage like the ice-cream in the different flavors available such as vanilla cinnamon cones, or even the unique butterfingers and dark chocolate waffle cone. A wide variety of flavors await your consumption, from the classics like strawberry or sweet cream to something a little more adventurous such as Cheesecake or Butter Pecan.

After picking your ice-cream simply decide on your toppings and the your ice-cream will be skillfully blended with the chosen mixings and delicately piled into your cone to provide an incredible and uniquely well crafted dessert. Marble Slab has the lofty opinion of themselves that their ice-cream is the freshest in the entire world, an opinion they proclaim through their motto “The freshest ice-cream in the world” which is most likely just an overly confident exaggeration but at least judging from the ice-cream it’s not exaggerated by much.

A scorching East Texas city like Tyler has no shortage of places to buy ice-cream, but Marble Slab has quickly become a favorite of Tyler residents despite the amount of competition for frozen refreshment. Marble Slab has brought a new level of ice-cream to Tyler, one that is sure to be a vital and delicious asset during the hot and humid Tyler summers.

Speaking of the summer holidays, not only does Marble Slab serve some fabulous ice-cream but ice-cream cakes as well, so this summer as your’e preparing for birthdays or any kind of celebration be sure to remember the versatility of the magnificent Marble Slab.